Cutthroat Robotics started in 2009 under Mr. Kevin Norquist as team 3048, Critical Mass. The team competed from 2009 season through 2012, then reemerged in 2015 under the direction of Mr. Douglas Bruce, still as Critical Mass. Cutthroat Robotics, the name the students chose, will be competing in the 2016 season. Cutthroat Robotics is currently sponsored by the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation, Missy's Donuts, Alphagraphics, Sun Devil Manufacturing, GoDaddy, and East Valley Institute of Technolog

Mission Statement

This year Cutthroat Robotics is charging headlessly (hence Cutthroat), a play on words, into the STEM challenges that the First Robotics Competition is holding. Cutthroat Robotics intends to shoot for the stars and maybe hit the moon (ALL HYPOTHETICALLY)?